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Foot Worship

Foot Worship is another of the most requested activities by a visiting slave. Foot worship is an incredibly erotic way to worship your mistress through licking, kissing and cleaning her high stiletto heels with or without nylons or just her bare feet. A mistress asserts a great sense of power while her slave performs foot worship, it is quiet common for a slave to request his Mistress to wear soiled stockings, tights or foot wear to heighten their pleasure. Another way to perform foot worship on your chosen Mistress is by foot massage perhaps with a soothing foot balm a foot massage can be very sensual way of performing Foot Worship.


Financial Servitude & Wish List

Financial servitude or financial domination as it is otherwise known is when a slave or sub hands over the responsibility of part or all of their finances to their Mistress or Dominatrix. A slave or sub interested financial servitude wishes their Mistress to enjoy the best lifestyle they can afford, to what degree of financial servitude they choose is up to them; it may involve a small amount of money or larger amounts according to the individuals budget and wishes.

If it is not possible to physical visit your Mistress, financial servitude can be a good way of a submissive showing their respect for a powerful woman.



Spanking usually or more commonly by use of hand can also be performed with lots of other implements. Spanking performed correctly consists of accurate strokes or strikes to the bottom and other body parts such as the cock and balls.

Apart from the hand instruments such as crops, canes, paddles, whips, straps, tawse, plimsolls can all be part of a good Spanking session.

Spanking has often been recognised that done correctly a sub or slave can be taken to a "sub space" this achieved through the euphoric and erotic state a correctly administered Spanking will leave the slave or sub in.



Trampling also known as a crush fetish are paraphillia's associated with the desire to be stood on, trampled upon or crushed by means that may include the use of your mistresses body, shoe's, boots or bare feet. To have a slave restrained by the sole of her expensive heels is not only a powerful but also a very erotic experience in a Trampling session.

A typical Trampling scenario may involve your Mistress restraining a slave by means of bondage then asserting her authority using her heel and sole of her shoe or boot to squash, crush and Trampling various parts of the slave's body resulting in a highly erotic experience.


Ass Worship/Facesitting

Ass worship is usually performed by some method where an individual buries their face between the butt cheeks of another. This can be done when an individual lays flat on their stomach and the other spreads the cheeks of the receiving partner and buries their face in the ass. There are a variety of positions for ass worship, all of which involve the face being buried in the ass.



There are many different techniques involved in sexual bondage. Bondage can restrict body movement and also be used to attach a person to an object like a collar and lead tied to a wall. Rope is the most common restraint used in a bondage scenarios along with hand cuffs. Bondage can also be used as an effective form of orgasm denial often in conjunction with some kind of chastity device.

It can also be used verbal i.e. telling or ordering some one to stay in the same position. There are literally hundreds of bondage techniques and positions you can experiment with. A "safe" word can be any word chosen by the Mistress or client to represent their wishes.



This can be achieved through slapping, pulling, stretching, kneeing, kicking and twisting of the cock and balls all requested activities in Cock and Ballplay/Ball busting.These sexual organs can also be spanked, flogged, tied, urethral play, electrics and wax play. Apparatus that may be used to practice these methods more efficiently could include genital weights, parachutes (a device made from a leather from a leather or rubber cuff that attaches to the scrotum so weights can be attached), cock rings to prolong erections during play.

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